Elevators in the atrium of a new modern hospital, blue patterns on the floor

Lift Expo Uzbekistan is the exclusive international exhibition focused on elevators, escalators, and related technologies and accessories in Uzbekistan. The inaugural event is scheduled for November 2024 and will be an annual occurrence. This exhibition serves as a crucial platform for domestic supporting industries, offering them the chance to connect with potential overseas customers, showcase elevator parts, components, technologies, and solutions. Additionally, it provides local elevator manufacturers with opportunities to seek partnerships and expand their trade markets.

Take your place at Uzbekistan’s first and only elevator exhibition!


Lift Expo Uzbekistan: Global Collaboration in Elevators

Uz Expo Centere

14-16 November 2024

International Exhibition

Lift Expo Uzbekistan, starting November 2024, is the sole exhibition for elevators and escalators in Uzbekistan.

Government Integration Commitment

Aligned with the government's international economic integration goals, it boosts the domestic market and elevates Uzbekistan in the global elevator industry.

Global Connectivity

It connects domestic industries with international customers, fostering partnerships in elevator parts, technology, and solutions.

Network Center

Lift Expo Uzbekistan is the main center of the elevator industry for effective cooperation, agreement making, the future of the industry.

Product Groups​

Lift Equipment

Machinery & Engine Systems

Escalators, Walkways & Travolators

Control and Display Elements

Signal & Electronic Systems

Control Systems

Lifting Mechanisms:

Cabins & Frames

Landing & Doors

Suspension Ropes & Balancing

Rails & Accessories

Decoration, Sign & Marking

Assembly & Repair Services

Contracting & Consulting

Media Partners


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